Thanks to my education and varied business experience, I can turn my hand to different types of texts.

Communications: press releases, corporate literature, brochures, marketing documents…

Technical: operating instructions, brochures, safety data sheets…

Localisation: user manuals, on-line help, apps…

Tourism: brochures, websites…

… and more: fashion, HR, cosmetics…

My specialist fields

We all have areas we love to work in and I’m no exception. In between two translation projects I like to expand my knowledge of:


Eco-tourism, environmental law, sustainable development, alternative energies… The environment is important to me. I keep a close eye on developments in this area so I can offer you a top quality translation.


Food & drink, nutrition, elimination diets, recipes, menus, new culinary trends… With food, look and taste are vitally important but don’t forget the copy. It has to be great too!


If you want to adapt your website for French speakers don’t be tempted to use machine translation! Your website is a spotlight on your company, your image. It must be adapted to your target audience and only a professional human translator has the skill to do this. Translate your website and it will:

  • reach more potential customers
  • demonstrate that you are investing in your business
  • extend your global reach